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selling your airbnb

Selling For an Existing Client.

For our short-term rental clients the benefits of selling their property through Propr is clear:

  • Viewings are a breeze since we already hold keys and can easily coordinate between bookings.
  • We know the property very well & have high quality photos and crafted descriptions for it.
  • We can sell the property as a going concern to buyers wishing to purchase an investment property as a holiday home or lock up and go. We will be able to show them the earnings potential of your property on the short-term rental market.
  • We offer a reduced commission model to our existing clients.

selling your airbnb

Sell Smarter.

Selling a short-term rental property is different from selling primary residences which is why the listing process should be different, too. We will promote your property to our existing client base which comprises of investors who may be interested in your property, especially now that short-term rentals are seeing a resurgence. Properties bought as existing Airbnbs typically achieve a higher price.