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Who’s This Programme For?

Agents in touch with past and present clients looking to short-term
let or Airbnb their property.

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How it Works


Short-term Rental Property 

You have a current listing for a potential short-term rental or know of a previous client looking to Airbnb their property.


Rental Projection 

We’ll put together a detailed rental projection of the property’s income earning potential.


Referral Fee 

You refer your buyer to us for property management. If they sign up, we’ll give you a referral fee


What We Offer

Detailed rental projections 

Our detailed rental projections inform your buyer of their short-term rental earning potential.

One-on-one Consulting to Potential Buyers or Past Clients 

If they are looking to Airbnb their short-term rental, we can provide additional advice and resources to assist.

Proposals for developments 

If you’re holding a building mandate, we can put together a short-term rental proposal for you. 

Access to webinars

And access to the latest trends and insider reports in the short-term rental space.

Property Management Services. 

High-touch short-term rental property management that maximises bookings for your client plus referral payments of up to R25 000 when they sign up! 


“I love being part of Propr’s agent network because the partnership adds value to the real estate services I offer my clients. In a competitive market where buyers and sellers are looking for the highest possible return, it is great to be able to offer my clients real data on whether short-term rentals is a viable option for them.”

– Faye Du Preez, Cape Town Real Estate Company –

“Whenever one of my clients is considering short-term rentals I refer them to Propr. I know they will be honest in their assessment and do what’s in my client’s best interest.”

– Richard Hardie, Hardie Property –

“It’s really hard to do short-term rentals well. We stopped doing them in-house and now refer our clients to Propr, the only company that really has them figured out.”

– Saadiq Effendi, Lionlead Real Estate –

Why should your client choose us to manage their short-term rental?

Exhaustive property checks and guest screening assessments ensure properties are well maintained.

High-touch property hosting maximises guest delight, increases positive reviews and generates more bookings as a result.

State of the art real time pricing algorithm to maximise their daily rate.

You don’t have to be a selling agent to work with us

Are you a rental agent looking to refer the management of your client’s short-term rental?
No problem!

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